es-o-'ter-ic    adjective ​​

One with specialized knowledge or interests  

Zeke Powerz  The Esoteric Magician is not a "Trickster" but a "Mystery Entertainer" 


Skilled in multiple realms of the Fringe world of Mindreading and the paranormal, Zeke presents "Old School" magic to modern audiences nationwide.

His presentations blur the line of science and superstition, and will leave you considering what was real and what was just an illusion!

 Book Zeke for you next event and your guests will experience REAL MAGIC by a REAL MAGICIAN!

     Available for all affairs, both public & private, nationwide. 

"If, in any quest for magic, in any search for sorcery, witchery, legerdemain, first check the human spirit."        


                                            -Rod Serling

  • Mentailsm for Stage/Banquet/Close up
  • Intuitive Workshops and Lectures
  • Master of Ceremonies (M.C.)
  • Publicity Events
  • Consulting / SME / Speaker
  • Fortune Tellings
  • Pendulum Divination/Dowsing
  • Zodiac & Horoscope Charts
  • Paranormal Investigations/Lectures
  • ​Hypnosis Stage & Private (Hypnotherapy)
  • Storytelling

"You are unreal!"
         -Len Amato 
                                        President, HBO Films