​Looking for something different to entertain the group after dinner, or to you want to get a special message across to your executives on a grand scale? Then let Zeke blur reality with his mentalism that goes beyond magic and into the fringe of Pseudo-science.

Enjoy a show that has a perfect blend of audience interaction, comedy, heart touching stories and overcoming the impossible.

 Have you seen Bigfoot? Do you believe in angels? Can someone peek into your mind and "see" what you are thinking? Zeke and his stage program will have your group on the edge of their seat as you will be questioning what is real and what is just a (hopefully) coincidence. 

Looking to raise money for your High School?

Need a REAL Master Ceremonies? Need an M.C. who can keep the event on track and more importantly on time?

Take your wedding, Grand Opening or Gala event to the next level with something your clients will always remember! 

Everyone has a gift.

Let Zeke share his gift with you. 

   Arrived at crossroads in your career?

                     Will you find your soulmate?


You will experience a magical ride into the world of Fortune Telling like no other.  Explore the mysterious and the incredibly popular  esoteric world of fortune telling!

Services available include:

 *Dream Interpretations   *Numerology    *Tarot Readings  

*Lithomancy (Gemstones)   *Aura Readings   *Dowsing  

  *Palmistry    *Pendulums        *Scrying    *Oracles

 *Handwriting Analysis (Graphology)     *Zodiac Charts 


From learning about the lines on your own palm  to having your own personal Zodiac Chart filled out, your guests will have a blast!


     Strictly for "Entertainment Purposes" 


Stage Performance

Ever seen The Magicians syfy channels hot new show? Real Magic is what Zeke brings to your event! 

Private Readings



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Zeke brings more to your private party, cocktail reception or celebration than than just card tricks and silly gags-

Zeke will read thoughts, palms, cards (and sometimes books!).

The line between science and superstition will become blurred right in front of your eyes!

Watch him "see" with his fingertips, makes objects move with his mind  and defy the laws of nature! He will perform close up illusions that will look feel like something straight out of a paranormal movie! 

Zeke does not claim to be psychic. He also doesn't claim to be a listener, but he has great "listening" skills.Those are all natural skills he has developed and sharpened. Hearing is one of our 5 senses, but what about the 6th? Have you ever had a "gut feeling" about something that proved accurate? These are SKILLS that he has developed NATURALLY over the years, and you can too! His skills an an Intuitive reader and instructor are very popular and much sought after. These sessions are not for "advise" but for using some more arcane and traditional tools to help understand the world around us. It all begins with a powerful, focused mind. Intuitive Inspiration is a key core skill we all have and Zeke explains how to improve yours in his lectures and his upcoming book (fall 2017)  it first hand in a private one on one reading using various objects-from Tarot cards to Emeralds, there is something really magical about experiencing  a session with a gifted student of the Mystic Arts.

Available in 30 minute and 1 hour sessions, 1 to 2 persons, up to 4 times per calendar year. His home or yours. Coffeshops for initial reading.  Phone and internet readings available. 

Fortune Telling & Intuitive Readings 

​Zeke spent over 20 years in the corporate world.  Holding various positions with Fortune 500 companies in many areas including recruitment, training and development, sales and management.

Zeke can impact the skill set of your team immediately! He will teach every letter of leadership in his intense, action packed, one of a  kind L.E.A.D.E.R.S.H.I.P. workshop.

Each letter means something special and by the end of his keynote presentation, your leaders will know all 10 letters and 5 different words that make great leaders.

Available in a 1, 2 or 3 day workshops.

Having over 10 years experience in teaching Situational Leadership, interviewing thousands of applicants, developing teams and growing sales and profits! This training will keep your organization's leaders focused on the important "Big Rocks" of their job! 

L.E.A.D.E.R.S.H.I.P &  Intuitive Workshops 

Close Up/Strolling  Performance

Fortune Telling Events