Fully organic -You provide the performance area and seating, and Zeke will provide everything else:  sound, lighting, and of course the entertainment.  

Capitalize on unused space at your facility by offering upscale paranormal-themed entertainment. Multiple packages are available, you can be the first in your area to feature world class entertainment on a regular basis!

*Designed for intimate groups 
*Available in 60,  75, and  90 minutes

*Includes souvenir ticket stub

*Respectfully dedicated to honor those who lost their lives aboard the R.M.S. TITANIC


Experience the waves of emotion-from the greed and lust of pirates to the sadness and mystery surrounding one of the most tragic events in nautical history.

This interactive magical experience employs methods used by mystics, soothsayers, and spiritualists.

This presentation features mysterious artifacts that have been classified as "Paranormal"